Thursday, October 18, 2012

DIY Halloween Decor, Stampin Mary Style

Hmmm?  Does this look like a stamped item to you?  Well it's not.  I know Sunday is suppose to be the FUNDAY SUNDAY anything goes.  But I couldn't wait.

People that come for the day class---get a peek of this.  My evening classes do not.  So I'm making sure everyone has the chance to see  my dining room decorated for Halloween. 
It's really no big deal, until you look at the candle holders.  Aren't they unusual?

 So unusual, I think they are probably one of a kind!
I'm about to reveal my secret so you can create your own unique pair.

So I started with a standard candle holder. 
Here is the back story.  They were on clearance for a great deal, but  they were a terrible color.  Good news is, you might have something at home or find at a thrift store, you can fix like I did-----
with black spray paint.

I really wanted more of a candelabra effect for Halloween, but I didn't want to store 2 candle holders I'd only use once a year.  I had these great glass candle holders from my Grandma.  LOVE THEM! so I got the wild hair to stack them.

 Not a great fit.....and definitely not secure.  But the look was appealing.  

Step in sticky stuff.   Teachers used to call it Ticky Tack and use it on the wall for hanging papers.  Floral shops use it in arrangements and to hold candles steady.  Can you see the 3 places I secured them together.  That stuff is really sticky! 

Then all that was left was to cover the evidence.  I found some beady embellishments at a home decor store and wala!

Step back and you'd never know it's two, two candle holders in one!

Just so you don't miss the tiny detail.  I have punched out a black bat  with my trusty

You'll find more bat punch and Halloween ideas HERE and HERE.

Come back on Sunday for FUNDAY SUNDAY and more Halloween Decorating.

Come back tomorrow too, I'll be featuring a lovely Christmas card.
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Make it a CREATIVE day!

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  1. Very creative! Love these! I noticed those and thought they were gorgeous! All of you Halloween decor looked great!

    1. THANKS Dawn! I hope to get the rest out tomorrow. Did you know they were two candle holders stacked on top each other?

  2. No I did not! Great twist to clearance candlesticks! I love when I find a great deal on something that I can "redo"!