Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Pumpkin Welcome

Fall Pumpkin Welcome!
Is this the cutest thing you ever saw??  I wish I could take credit.  We went to KC this past weekend for our first NASCAR experience and this was at the entrance of our hotel.  They took pumpkins, placed a stencil on them and used glossy black spray paint over them.  I loved the idea and I loved the placement of the tipping pumpkins for the word. You are on your own to use this creative idea.  Use a single pumpkin with a witch stencil for Halloween.  Maybe one with the word THANKS and sprayed over in brown for Thanksgiving?  I'm sure you can think of LOTS of ways to use this idea.  Please post a comment with all the ways you use this.  Send me your pictures and I'll be glad to post them to my blog later to show all your wonderful ideas.

I promised more HALLOWEEN DECOR for Sunday---so I'm a day late on Monday ;-) 

You probably recognize my Happy Halloween Frame from another post.  You can view it here and see the other variations I worked up.   You still have time to make one of these!   This Toxic Frameable Designer Template an be printed 8 x 10 to frame up.........

Or a smaller size to use on the front of a card like the one above.
 And it can be downloaded for you to use in just minutes. No waiting.  Just download and print!

Download MDS 2 for a 30 day FREE Trial.  Do that here!    It will have plenty of things for you to play with.  But if you also want this frameable  you can grab that Right Here! for $3.95.  This frameable is loaded with elements you can also use individually.  Grab the Trick or Treat, use the Happy Halloween, the bat, the cat, the skeleton, they are all separate elements you can play with. 

Don't forget to check out Stampin' Up!'s CLEARANCE RACK and 
find the bitty bat punch I used on the candle holders.

See My favorite Stampin' Up! Clearace items in a previous post.  Many of them are still available.


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