Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's a FREE TREAT! No Tricks!

Enjoying Everything Kit - Digital Download 132557 - FREE

Stampin' Up! is giving you a real a TREAT with no TRICKS attached.
This is the first of THREE, Digital downloads you can get for yourself, FREE.
Have you downloaded them yet?
WHAT?  Did you say you haven't done that yet?


Go direct to my online store and "Get 'R Done"!
Just order these 3 downloads and the total will be FREE, no shipping, no tax, just FREE!
You do not enter a credit card number!  It's FREE!
Even if you do not own My Digital Studio yet, you can still use these digital images.  
And if you ever take MDS for the 30 day FREE trial, you will be able to use these kits 
with the FREE TRIAL.

A Split Second Designer Template Pages - Digital Download 132562 - FREE

 This is the second FREE Digital Download.  You could print 2 scrapbook pages instantly!  
Even without MDS, the set up is all finished.

If you used this digital kit within MDS you can change the colors, the position of the photo inserts, the mat colors, you could move everything around.  
This is a GREAT kit to practice with on your 30 day FREE MDS trial.

Days In December Kit - Digital Download 132558 - FREE

This is the third and final FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD (maybe not FINAL)

If YOU and your friends take advantage of these free downloads, you will help us get to our goal of 18,000 downloads.  Then EVERYONE will get another bonus FREE download.
So please, do yourself  a favor and the rest of us a favor too.
It is completely FREE.  You do not leave a Credit Card number, it is really FREE.
You will have to put in your name, address and e-mail to set up an account if you have never ordered before.  But once you do it, you won't have to do it if we get 
the FREE bonus  download.

If you have any trouble getting this done, call or e-mail me and I can help you through it.  
I do not want you to miss out!

Make it a CREATIVE day!

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