Sunday, February 10, 2013

FunDay Sunday--Valentine Making Day!

The star of this photo is definitely my Granddaughter!  She is very proud after completing Valentine's for her class and one for her Mom and Dad.  The one she chose for her parents has already been featured on my blog.  SEE IT HERE!

Now for her class Valentines.  ( I know, they  are blurry) She had seen something on we went with that.  I just loaded her photo into MDS and added some text then printed!  We mounted it up on some Real Red card stock.

Sticky Strip ( #104294) was THE BEST! for adhering the gum to the photo. 
She thought a sparkly heart was the perfect accent on the gum.   

On the back.....She punched a heart with our  Full Heart Punch (#119883).   This exposed the back of the photo....a perfect place to use her PERSONALIZED stamp. 

She LOVES her personalized stamp! 

You can find personalized stamps on Pages 148-149 of the 2012-2013 Catalog. I can help you with they are not available to order online. Do check them out.....they make fun gifts!

How about this little guy?  He decided he wanted to have something like his cousin.  Since gum might be a little risky with preschoolers...we went the MINT route..  He had the best time posing for the photo...seeing it go into MDS....watching the words appear on his picture.  His favorite was seeing how he could HOLD the mints in his hand.  

Sticky strip was key in holding the 2 mints on the photo.  Drew chose to put his heart on the front of  his Valentine.

What could make a Grand day even better??  Dinner with the kids and grandkids!  Could it get any better...Oh yea!...My hubby made a taco dinner (All by himself!--shopped and everything) while we were crafting.  A follow up with some Ice Cream  (+WHIPPED CREAM) and a family game!

Definitely a Fun Day Sunday!

Make it a CREATIVE day!

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