Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Stampin' Up! Reginals & Samples

Bonnie Jones, Mary Hogenmiller, Lisa Rogers, Terry Fuller
Meet a few of my "Creative Achievers" group.  We attended Stampin' Up! 's St. Louis Regional Meeting, last Saturday.  It was a great day filled with great people, lots of fun samples, swaps, super fun stamping projects, ideas, yummy food and of course....FREE STUFF!  There were about 500 filling the auditorium.  So much excitement, so many creative people in one space.   

Here we are during stamping time making our make and take projects.
I'll share them with you.

This cute little box was packed with several gift enclosures.  So stinkin' CUTE!!

All three of these projects used Clockworks Stamp Set

Clockworks Clear-Mount Stamp Set
Clockworks 127292 (clear)  or  127290 (wood)

I didn't take any photo's of the Fantastic Lunch we had.  But it was YUMMY!  About 2:00 pm or so they opened up a cupcake bar.  OH MY!  I can't remember all of them but these are a few, Red Velvet, Vanilla Bean, Lemon Meringue, Rasberry, Chocolate.....

Stampin' Up! always does it right!  It's a fantastic company to work with.

I mentioned swaps earlier.  Many attendees brought cards to trade with others (swaps).  There were So many boards of samples.  I'll share a few.

We were there from 9am till 4pm or so.  So much information, so many ideas and so many creative people.  I couldn't possibly share it all.  I will tell you that if you ever have the could never go wrong by joining Stampin' Up!

We met Sara at the sign in booth. She joined our crazy table and added to our fun.  Sara had some great ideas.  Look at the cute Christmas card she shared with us!

I will share more samples from Stampin' Up!'s St. Louis Leadership 2013 in the weeks to come.

Opps!  Almost forgot to tell you about the Free stuff.  Through out the day there were Prizes!  
There were lots of winners.  While I didn't win any extra prizes.... we all brought home our projects, an extra catalog, a FREE stamp set and a pack of the Print Poetry DSP.

It was a great day!

If you every have a chance to attend a regional meeting or a Stampin' Up! Convention...don't miss it.
If you'd like more information on joining my "Creative Achievers" group,
(even if it's just for the discount)
Check it out HERE

Make it a CREATIVE day!


  1. Looks like fun! A little over two weeks and we'll be going to Baltimore!

  2. LeAnne--You will have a blast!!!! So much fun! So many ideas! Enjoy!

  3. Wow - looks like Regionals were wonderful! Wish there was one closer to upstate NY!

  4. It's been quite some time since they have been to this area. Maybe 7 or so years ago?? Maybe next year one will be close to you. ;-) can just enjoy ours ;-)