Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Baker's Twine & Ribbon Storage


How about some Organizing Ideas for your ribbons and Baker's Twine?

This morning I went in my craft room and instead of  'Stamping
I began 'Organizing my Stamping'

I'm probably the only one to get sidetracked like that, right?

Well, before I get off track again.........
 You can use the spring clothespins the regular push on ones, or even old thread spools. 
I have thread spools from my grandmother...but can't get rid of the thread on them ;-)

I'll show you why I prefer the spring clothespins.  To start, I clip in the beginning of my Baker's Twine or ribbon.  Depending on your clothespin, it may pinch it in there. or it might just lay in there.

  Then you just begin to wrap it around the clothespin.  To help secure, make sure the first couple wraps get wrapped around the grove in the wood.  It just helps hold it in place as you start.

This is my favorite part!!!  After you have wrapped it all up on the clothespin,
pinch the end and it will still open a tiny bit...enough for you to slip in the end of Baker's Twine or ribbon.

Then let go and it's all secure.  No loose ends, no tangles.  Just a nice neat ball of twine!
This Espresso Baker's Twine was a partial package.

 This Wisteria Wonder Baker's Twine is what a whole package looks like.  I have this ball of twine laying on a piece of Smokey Slate card stock.  It's a new Stampin' Up! color.  I think it might look just fine with the retired Wisteria Wonder Baker's Twine.

 You can keep your twine and ribbon remnants in a bowl, a glass vase, or a mason jar.  It's a great little decoration that keeps your supplies handy.  My container is actually the leftover glass from a candle I burned.  I cleaned out the wax and saved it.  I've used it for dip, flowers and Baker's Twine!

I decided to clean out my ribbon drawer while I was at it.

 As much as I like the cute display.....for now it's back to my drawer.  

I love the idea of having my ribbons out, within arms reach, just pulling a length off and cutting it.
But I'm always trying to reduce the clutter.  Since I do classes, my ribbon spools have to be able to be easily removed for me to take them to class.

So I organize them in my stack of plastic drawers that fit inside my closet near my desk.  I like to like them up similar to the way they are listed in the catalog.

Do you see some white spots on some of the spools?   I keep some labels in the drawer so I can always tack down the loose end of ribbon after I open a spool.  
I don't do well with loose ends ;-)

Here I put my drawer back in my drawer stack.  You can see my labels in the top drawer.  That is my drawer of mostly current Stampin' Up! ribbons.
Second and third drawers are full of retired Stampin' Up! ribbons!   

And drawers beyond that are 'other' ribbons.   I know! I know!  I should streamline ;-)  But I'd have to have a GOOD reason to do that.  So if you NEED a spool of a retired ribbon, to go with a retired color you have....ASK ME!  I could put it into my Retired Sale for you.

Yes!!!!!  I am working on it.  I've been talking about it for almost a year. I haven't had a full fledge Retirement sale in 5-6 years. This year I am committed to getting it together.

I will have a Retired Product Sale this fall....maybe late September!

Stampin' Mary Customers will get the first pick.  And then I will begin listing items on my blog for everyone.   I may even do a few rounds of early releases.

So Stay tuned!  Let me know if there is some retired product you've been looking for.  
I just might have it!

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